Frequently Asked Questions

Here are answers to some frequently asked questions

What does Escrow mean?
An agreement between two parties or organization where properties or funds are kept in trust with a 3rd party or organization and only released when agreed terms have been met.
What then is FeliScrow?
Is FeliScrow an Online shop?
How Secured is my money?
I generally have concerns making payments online to start with, can I trust FeliScrow platform?
Who regulates FeliScrow?
How do i deposit money with FeliScrow?
How do i get a refund if transaction was not successful.
When selling, how do I get my money?
How long do withdrawals take?
Do you have a dispute resolution?
I have no website but i sell via social media, (Instagram, WhatsApp etc) anyway i can offer FeliScrow to my customers to close sales?
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